Because I love a project and a habit, I decided to do Inktober this year – an event where people produce an ink sketch each day in October. Some of these were things I’d been thinking about sketching and some were surprises. I think it’s so funny that art seems to happen at a particular time and place – if you don’t paint it or write it or dance it, that one particular thing will never exist. There’s a great part in Kathleen Jamie’s book Sightlines, about how all these molecules fizzing around the universe get to know themselves as the fullness of you only for a short span of time, and why aren’t we more driven because of that?

So, anyway, here are my sketches for Inktober. Some of these I might develop in full drawings and actually break out a brush and ink. These were all done with a Faber-Castell Pitt super-fine artist’s pen in sepia, sanguine, or black India ink. The really fine lines were done with a Prismacolor 1-pt pen in black.